Sliced ​​bread: the story of Otto Rohwedder

When we think of sliced bread, we often take it for granted as a common and easily accessible food item. However, the history behind the invention of sliced bread is anything but ordinary. In fact, it was a remarkable innovation that changed the way people consumed bread forever.

The Genius Inventor: Otto Rohwedder

Otto Rohwedder was a jeweler from Missouri who had a passion for inventing and creating new things. His curiosity and innovative spirit led him to develop a machine that could slice bread uniformly. But why did he feel the need to invent something that was already being consumed for centuries? It all started when he was making a sandwich and realized how frustrating it was to slice bread manually. This led him to develop a machine that could do it more efficiently.

The Prototype and the Setback

After quitting his job, Rohwedder moved to Iowa to work on his prototype. It took him months to build a machine that could produce the perfect slice of bread. However, misfortune struck when the factory he was working in was destroyed in a fire. All his hard work went up in flames, and he was left with nothing.

The Perseverance and Triumph

But Rohwedder didn’t give up. Instead, he continued to work hard and eventually perfected his bread slicing machine. The machine could slice bread uniformly and hold it together without drying out too quickly. At first, the concept of sliced bread wasn’t well received, but soon it gained popularity and became a best-seller.

The Bread Slicing Machine

Rohwedder’s bread slicing machine was a breakthrough in the baking industry. It revolutionized the way bread was made and consumed. The machine featured a mechanism for wrapping sliced bread, making it easy to transport and store. It quickly became a hit among bakers, and his invention was in great demand.

The Popularity of Sliced Bread

The popularity of sliced bread skyrocketed in the 1930s, overtaking unsliced bread in sales. People loved the convenience and consistency of sliced bread, and it became a staple in households across the country.

The Bread Rationing

During World War II, the US government began rationing bread, and this made Rohwedder’s invention even more important. Sliced bread and his bread slicing machine were a significant part of the rationing program. However, the bread rationing was not well received by everyone and often led to complaints.

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