South Downs; the nearest national park from London

Not only is the South Downs National Park the park that is located closest to London, but it is also the newest of the national parks in the United Kingdom. In point of fact, he’s just 15 years old at the moment.

It encompasses the well-known Seven Sisters as well as Beachy Head and is situated somewhere in the general vicinity of Winchesters and Eastbourne.

In addition to that, it features something called the South Down Way, which is a footpath that spans 160 kilometres and allows people to walk all the way from Winchester to Eastbourne. You don’t have to do it all, you can do just a little bit. Because of the topography, you will need to be used to doing a lot of climbing up and down hills.

The scenery has a lot of English characteristics, starting with the cliffs that are white. The cliffs of Dover in Kent, which aren’t quite white, are frequently substituted in movies and photographs with those of Sussex, which are, ironically enough.

Because the interior countryside is home to a variety of microclimates, it is home to an impressively wide range of plant and animal life despite its relatively compact size. But you won’t only find nature here; in fact, there are numerous picture-perfect villages, such as Alfriston and Amberley, as well as a number of archaeological artefacts that have been dated to the Iron Age, as well as some Norman and Saxon structures.

South Downs National Park is home to both natural and archaeological wonders.
The national parks in the United Kingdom are nearly entirely comprised of privately owned land, in contrast to the national parks in the United States, which are publicly owned. The South Downs National Park is home to and provides employment for around 120,000 people. It is not simply a park that people visit on the weekends.

All of these things have excellent aspects; the park is not some type of museum of nature; rather, it is a living and experienced location. But it does come with certain drawbacks, such as the fact that because it is made up of private land, it might be challenging to have the authority to enact laws that preserve and maintain environment. Some locals are careful, some are not. Having the status of a national park does, however, come with some benefits.

The fact that it is not too distant from London is the most significant advantage, as it would have otherwise run the risk of turning into a land filled with commuting residences. Since the land is protected as a national park, construction of new structures is restricted.

Instead, since it was designated a national park, new trails have been created, including some that are suitable for cycling, and about 2,000 archaeological items have been uncovered, the majority of which were previously unknown to exist.

Did you know that the landscape in this area is somewhat comparable to that of the Champagne region in France? Excellent soil for vineyards.

south downs

We also have Chanctonbury Ring, which is a ring of birch trees that were planted on the site of a hill fort that is believed to date back to the Iron Age and which was used by the Romans as a holy site. This attraction is just one of the numerous that can be seen here. It is said that if you run around the trees in a anticlockwise direction, you will be able to call for the Devil, and he will offer you a cup of soup in return for your soul.

You may also travel to this location to see the local avian life. Surprisingly, the best time to watch birds is in the winter, since that’s when you may see birds that fly all the way from Russia and Siberia to spend the winter here.

It is hardly feasible to mention all of the attractions that may be found within this park because there are so many of them.

How does one go from London to the South Downs National Park?
You may get there in a variety of different ways. Taking a bus to Portsmouth-Southsea and getting off at Petersfield is an option that won’t break the bank. The journey can be completed in 1 hour and 45 minutes, making it an ideal option for a day vacation.

You may take a train from Waterloo to Portsmouth and get off at Petersfield for an alternative that will get you there more quickly but will cost you more money. This quaint small village may be found smack dab in the centre of the national park.

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