St John’s Lodge Gardens,Regent’s Park

Everyone knows London’s Regent’s Park but not everyone has explored it enough to know St John’s Lodge Gardens which are located on the east side of the park.

Even if you’ve been there, you might not know the origins of these beautiful gardens.

Photo: © Copyright Sheila Madhvani and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons License .

In this part of the park, Robert Weir Schultz wished to build a meditation garden for visitors to enjoy. When he founded it in 1889, he saw the need of having a tranquil respite in the middle of a bustling city environment.

Despite the fact that the original concept was different, the statue of Hylas and the Nymph, built by Henry Pegram, currently serves as the focal point of the garden.

The garden was originally part of a villa known as St John’s Lodge, which was completed in 1818. Charles Barry, the architect of the Houses of Parliament, was commissioned to expand the structure later on.

The home is still in private ownership, but the garden is available to the public, so stop by the next time you travel through Regent’s Park and have a stroll around it. There is no entry fee.

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