The Black Swan in Bow, pub with ghosts

The Black Swan is a bar that can be found in Bow. The current structure is on the site of an older pub known as the Bow Brewery, which was constructed around the year 1820.

A bomb dropped by one of the German Zeppelins that was attacking the tavern in 1916 caused it to be destroyed (it is usually thought that civilian bombings started during WWII but actually started during WWI in London ).

The bomb was responsible for the deaths of four persons, including the wife of the bar manager and their two young daughters.

The bar was completely reconstructed after the war and given the name The Black Swan. Almost as soon as it reopened, customers began reporting seeing apparitions of the two young women walking about the establishment.

Additionally, the voice of the mother could be heard speaking to the two daughters, despite the fact that you were unable to see her ghost and could only hear her. In the 1970s, the tavern was torn down in order to make room for more traffic lanes on Bow Road. It is reported that even today, at the address 148 Bow Road, the two girls may sometimes be seen strolling around the area where the pub had stood.


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