The first West End theatre opens in 50 years

 “> A new theater opens in London in a few months, the first to open in the West End from 50 years. Arises from the demolitions carried out in Soho for the Crossrail project, now better known as Elizabeth Line. The new theater is called @sohoplace, yes that’s right and it will be new and modern, while the majority of theaters in the West End is definitely a bit old and doesn’t have all the modern comforts.

The new Elizabeth line and Northern & C

In a few short months, a brand new theatre will open in London. It will be the first one to open in the West End in half a century. Result of the demolition work that was done in Soho for the Crossrail project, which is now more often referred to as the Elizabeth Line. The name of the new theatre is “sohoplace,” and you read that correctly; it will be brand new and up to date, in contrast to the bulk of theatres in the West End, which are obviously showing their age and do not have all the current conveniences.

Crossrail’s enormous ventilation system is located right adjacent to the site, and the newly constructed Elizabeth line, as well as the Northern and Central Lines, pass directly underneath it.

A music venue known as the Astoria was demolished to make room for the construction of the Crossrail project. Soho Place is a square that is located close to the old site of the Astoria. It got its name from its location in Soho Place, which was formerly home to the renowned Astoria nightclub. The snail logo was inspired by the fact that the vast majority of tickets for West End theatres are now purchased online. Tickets should not be very pricey regardless of the theatre, at least not more than the average price for tickets at all theatres.

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