The frozen supermarket in Oxford Street

This week, the ICECOLD Supermarket opened its doors to customers on Oxford Street. Customers were eager to see what was in store for them after teaser videos featuring award-winning actor, rapper, and comedian Michael Dapaah were released on social media. The opening of the supermarket caused a chill to settle over Oxford Street.

After Jagermeister was ultimately revealed to be the legendary brand that was behind the ICECOLD Supermarket immersive experience, the doors to the ICECOLD Supermarket opened on Thursday morning, and lines formed along Oxford Street.

Crowds gathered outside the Jägermeister ICECOLD Supermarket on Thursday evening (PRNewsfoto/Jägermeister)

Crowds gathered outside the Jägermeister ICECOLD Supermarket on Thursday evening (PRNewsfoto/Jägermeister)

Once they were inside the store, consumers were able to experience all Jagermeister has to offer. The walls were covered with freezers that reached from floor to ceiling and were stocked with limited edition ICECOLD Supermarket Original bottles and other unique limited edition goods, such as Jagermeister ice cream. The “Freezer Room” located below at the venue included a Jagermeister Bar that served ice cold shots while guest DJs spun music.

Every bottle was chilled to the ideal serving temperature of -18 degrees and was available for purchase immediately. The limited edition bottles contain a novel, interactive on-pack promotion that encourages consumers to store Jagermeister in the freezer to disclose a hidden code. The code is only revealed after the beverage has reached the proper cold temperature. The hidden code will allow participants to enter for a chance to win one of more than 1,500 prizes.

Wes Nelson, Billy Brown, Josh Le Grove, and a few others joined’store manager’ Michael Dapaah on Oxford Street on Thursday evening to celebrate the debut of the store.

Wes threw a curveball for the partygoers by performing a live concert as ice cold shots were flowing from the tap at the subterranean party hidden within the store.

Passers-by quickly gathered into crowds in an attempt to obtain access to the invitation-only gathering. Ice Cold sets were being played by Wes Nelson, DJ Majestic, Mollie Collins, Martin 2 Smoove & Andy Purnell, and Beyond Chicago in the store’s clandestine basement party room, and the music could be heard from the streets outside.

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