The story of the largest tortilla chip in the world

When you think of the United Kingdom, you don’t think of tortillas, whatever you want to call them. Nonetheless, the world’s largest tortilla was created in this country in 2012. The Brewers Fayre restaurant chain organised the event to promote their new Mexican dishes. The “record-breaking” Tortilla Chip was made with ordinary ingredients such as corn flour, salt, and water and baked in a special three-meter-deep oven. More than 50 kg, kilos of flour, 20 litres of water The massive creation, measuring 200 cm x 150 cm and requiring bakers more than 50 hours to complete and six team members to transport, had a total area of 30 square metres, which is equivalent to 10,000 full-sized tortilla chips.

A tortilla chip is a fried or baked snack made from corn tortillas cut into triangles. Corn tortillas are made from corn, oil, salt, and water. Tortilla chips were born from Mexican cuisine and were first mass produced in the United States in Los Angeles at the end of the 1940s.

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