The most popular cities on Instagram

We have another ranking of most ‘instagrammable’ places in the world. As always you have to take these things with a grain of salt, the criteria for making these lists are not always very clear, in this case they should be the posts that are posted the most on Instagram. In case they are still fun to read.

One thing you notice however is that in many of these recent lists the spotlight shifts far away from classic European destinations to places in Asia, North America and beyond. There are some European cities left, London in second place surprises no one. but others are missing which have always been considered important tourist destinations.

20) Dublin

19) Ibiza

18) Buenos Aires

17) Seattle

16) Maldives

15) Seoul

14) Tokyo

13) Singapore

12) Baku

11) North Island, New Zealand

10) Sydney

9) Sri Lanka

8) Bali

7) Chicago

6) Nepal

5) New York City

4) Istanbul

3) Paris

2) London

1) Milan

Italy is in first place, but Milan is perhaps not the first city that would come to mind but times and tastes change.

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