The strange Buddhist temple of Wat Samphran in Thailand

We can’t help but think of Wat Samphran when we think of strange buildings around the world. A beautiful Buddhist temple in the Samphran district is located 40 kilometres west of Bangkok. It’s an odd-looking Wat, but it has a great aesthetic.
Inside the temple complex, there is a large golden Buddha statue and several smaller shrines and statues, but the attraction for tourists is a pink 17-story tower with a huge dragon wrapped around it. It is said to be 80 months tall to commemorate Buddha’s death at the age of 70.

The dragon is hollow, and climbing through its body to the top is possible, but the stairs are in such bad shape that only a few isolated sections of the dragon are safe to climb. Some parts of the temple are also off-limits to the general public or strangers.

Wat Samphran, located off the beaten path, is rarely mentioned in guidebooks and is not marked on maps. Although it is not a major tourist attraction, many visitors who have visited the temple have commented on its peaceful and spiritual atmosphere. It’s unclear who designed it or when it was built. Most visitors walk through the park to admire its unusual exterior, which is surrounded by greenery and a pond. Inside, you might find an elderly monk sitting in meditation in front of a small altar, where you can buy Buddhist trinkets and incense, but the place is not yet commercialised. The temple gained notoriety in 2004 when several monks were accused of sexual assault.

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