The wedding of George V and Princess Mary of Teck

The history of the British royal family has always been of great interest to history buffs, and one of the most significant events was the marriage of George V to Princess Mary of Teck. This royal wedding was not a real love affair, but was arranged instead. However, it was under tragic circumstances that they bonded.

George V was born on 3 June 1865 at Marlborough House in London, as the second son of Prince Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, and his wife Alexandra, Princess of Wales. Although he was not heir to the throne, George was educated together with his brother Eddy (Prince Albert) by the Reverend John Neale Dalton, chaplain of the Queen Victoria, for fourteen years. While George was more motivated to learn, Eddy was not, and the boys did not excel academically.

George was in love with Marie from Edinburgh, unfortunately the mothers of the two youngsters did not get along and therefore their love story had to end. In 1891 the engagement was announced between George’s brother Eddy and a distant relative, Princess Victoria Mary of Teck, known as May. However, six weeks after the engagement was announced, Eddy caught pneumonia and died. Queen Victoria, convinced that May was still a suitable candidate for the role of consort, brought the young couple together. George proposed to May a year after her brother’s death, and the two were married on 6 July 1893 in the Chapel Royal of St James’s.

Princess Mary (May) was born in Kensington Palace in London and was the eldest of four children. She was home-schooled by her mother and her governesses, and her mother insisted that she May participate in charities, spending time visiting these charities.

The wedding of the future King George V to Princess Mary of Teck was a grand event, with crowds cheering the royal procession en route from Buckingham Palace to the Royal Chapel on state carriages. May’s wedding dress was made of silver and white brocade, trimmed with orange blossom and Honiton lace, with an embroidery of thistle, rose and shamrock, with a long tail. Her veil was the same veil worn by her mother on her wedding day, and King Edward gave her a diamond necklace. George wore a Navy captain’s uniform.

In conclusion, the marriage between George V and Princess Mary of Teck was the last major organized royal union. Despite the tragic circumstances that brought them together, the couple went on to build a happy and lasting marriage.

George V and Princess Mary of Teck have had a significant impact on the British royal family, mostly through their children. Their eldest son, Edward VIII, would later abdicate to marry divorced American Wallis Simpson. Their second son, the Duke of York would become King George VI, and their granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II, would become the longest-serving queen in British history.

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