Tickets for AIM Escape’s Psychopath’s Den

 It sounds like a new type of hell but it’s meant to be fun Book a time slot of your choice with the venue which is open every day from 10am to 10pm. You need at least three players and a maximum of 5.  Tickets are here

The actual game lasts for an hour, but you should set aside an additional ten to fifteen minutes on each end for signing consent forms, receiving a training on health and safety, responding to questions, and potentially taking a team portrait.

Will you be able to evade a terrible end, or will you instead become a statistic that is smeared with blood or drained of blood? You must keep your wits as sharp as his scalpels to elude his clutches — he is very close, hiding in the shadows someplace. You are surrounded by implements of torture that are caked in gore, and you are walled in by walls that are covered in blood. You will only be able to escape the clutches of his insane and devious riddles if you are successful in finding solutions to them. For those who want a good scare and a good dose of adrenaline, this is the perfect escape room experience for you!

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