Tickets for Duxford Air Shows

Duxford Air Shows are very spectacular. These aviation competitions, held at the historic Duxford Airport in Cambridgeshire, UK, bring together some of the world’s most skilled pilots and planes for a spectacular show of aerobatics. From high-flying aerobatics to antique warbirds, these performances provide a unique opportunity to see aviation history up close while experiencing the thrill of daring feats in the air.

We have a full programme of activities this year, especially for the 50th anniversary of these events. In addition to usual summer celebrations, there are commemorative events for VE Day, D-Day, and more.

You can see the calendar and buy tickets here.

These air shows are well-known across the world for the quality and diversity of their displays, which include acrobatic flights, antique and modern aircraft displays, and fireworks displays.

Duxford Airport was a vital military post during WWII and remains a vital civil and military aircraft hub today. The Imperial War Museum Duxford, which houses a huge collection of ancient and modern aircraft, organises the Duxford Air Shows.

At the Duxford Air Shows, visitors may view anything from World War I planes to the most recent military jets. Several of the exhibits are complemented by professional commentary that provides insight into aircraft features and flying skills.

In addition to aerial displays, the Duxford events feature model aircraft, military vehicles, and other aviation equipment. There are also food and beverage vendors, as well as souvenir and collectibles kiosks.

Overall, the Duxford Air Shows provide an amazing experience for aviation enthusiasts and families searching for amusement. Nonetheless, the events may be highly packed, necessitating some preparation and planning in order to fully enjoy the event.

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