Tickets for Mystery Walk with a Dickens-Themed Story

Have you ever wanted to explore London’s rich history in an exciting and interactive way? Now you can with the city exploration game that takes you through Dickensian London’s iconic landmarks. In this outdoor escape room format, teams are tasked with solving clues and uncovering secret locations throughout the city. It’s a perfect way to explore London while having fun!

Following the trail of a mysterious stranger, a Dickensian investigator embarks on an exciting journey of discovery. As they travel, they will explore the best pubs, bars and cafés to indulge in some of the finest delicacies and drinks. Along their journey, they will also get to experience a variety of cultures and customs that add to the excitement. With each stop, comes another mystery and another chance to uncover the identity of this mysterious stranger.

You can find the tickets here.
It starts in Oxford Circus and ends in Covent Garden
With this thrilling outdoor escape room game, you’ll be transported into the pages of a Charles Dickens novel! While you look for a mystery visitor, take the twisting road across London. Answer location-based puzzles on your phone to reveal mysteries and the truth. Along the route, you’ll come across secret tunnels, old arcades, and attractive taverns where you can rest and recharge. !

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