Tickets for Roxy Music concerts

After 21 years Roxy Music return to play live, they will do a series of concerts in the United States and, for the moment only three concerts in Europe and all three are in the UK.

The concerts will be on 10th October in Glasgow, 12 October in Manchester and 14 October in The O2 Arena of London . There aren’t many tickets and if you are interested in seeing this group, hurry up and buy them. Tickets are on sale here.


Roxy Music was born in the middle of 1971, when a certain Bryan Ferry places an ad in Melody Maker which was a British music newspaper at the time looking for a keyboard player to join him and bassist Graham Simpson. Roxy Music was formed soon after. The band’s first single, “Virginia Plain”, was released in October 1971. However, it did not have a significant impact on the charts. self-titled debut was released in April 1972 with mostly positive reviews and some success, reaching respectively number two in the UK and number ten in the US The band’s second album, For Your Pleasure, was released in February 1974 and became a commercial success. It reached number one on the UK Albums Chart and became their first international hit. o only number one album in the United States; however, it would be followed by a series of top ten albums.

Roxy Music’s third album, Manifesto, was released in September 1975 and reached the top ten of the charts in both United Kingdom than in the United States. The band released a string of hit singles from their fourth album Avalon which included “Do The Strand” which peaked at number three in 1976. They followed with another top ten album, Avalon (1977). After the release of Avalon, Bryan Ferry decided to pursue a solo career. Their seventh album, Another Time, Another Place was released in March 1983 and reached number six on the UK charts. The band was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996, just reaching 25 career minimums to qualify.


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