Tickets to visit Buckingham Palace; where to find them?

Like all summers again visit Buckingham Palace or at least a part or the State Rooms. Like every year, a part of Buckingham Palace opens its doors in August and September.

Buckingham Palace is only open to the public from 17 July to 24 September

Buckingham Palace is one of the few remaining royal palaces in the world that is still functioning. Tickets are on sale now, keep in mind they will be sold out well before August. So if you plan to go there, book now here.

You can visit the State Rooms

The visit includes the State Rooms where the King receives heads of state and other VIPs. You can also go to the Royal Mews which are the royal mews which are still functioning and have the horses of the guards. In addition to seeing the state apartmentsĀ  which you will have seen so many times on television, you will be able to admire the many works of art found there.

You will be able to see works by Rembrandt, Canaletto, sculptures by Canova and others. Also also antique furniture created by the greats of the time in France and England.

Attention tickets to visit Buckingham Palace are usually snapped up

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