Unknown London: Two Temple Place

If you are tired of the usual London tourist spots, you must visit Two Temple Place. This historic building, once known as Astor House, is one of the city’s hidden architectural treasures.

The Story of Two Temple Place

Built in 1895 for Viscount Astor, Two Temple Place was designed to house the offices of his insurance company. However, the real purpose of the building was to showcase the wealth and power of Viscount Astor, who was regarded as one of the wealthiest and most influential men in England.

The Architecture of Two Temple Place

The building was designed in a mock Tudor style and constructed of Portland stone. The mezzanine floor is particularly notable, with decorative carvings by Nathaniel Hitch and a weather vane featuring one of Christopher Columbus’ caravels.

But it is the interior that makes Two Temple Place truly unique. The best craftsmen and materials of the time were employed to create a structure of great beauty and value. You can admire the marble floor, the grand staircase and the mosaics of the windows.

The Story of Two Temple Place After Astor

Following the death of Viscount Astor, the building was used as the headquarters of the Bulldog Trust, a charity dedicated to arts, culture and education. Today, Two Temple Place is open to the public and hosts regularly exhibits of art and culture.

How to Visit Two Temple Place

If you want to visit Two Temple Place, you can do it easily. The building is located on Thames, near Temple tube station. Admission is free, but it is advisable to book in advance, especially during special exhibitions.

Why Visit Two Temple Place

Visiting Two Temple Place is a unique experience. Not only will you be able to admire the beauty of the building and its history, but you will also be able to participate in high-quality exhibitions and cultural events. Furthermore, the fact that admission is free makes it a place accessible to all.

Two Temple Place is a hidden architectural treasure of London. Its history and beauty make it a unique place that is definitely worth a visit. It doesn’t matter if you are an architecture buff or just a curious tourist, Two Temple Place will not disappoint you.

Two Temple Place it is open to the public when there are exhibitions. Here you can see when it’s open or book a visit. The good news is that admission is free.


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