Victoria Line in London; things you need to know

The Victoria Line in London runs from Brixton in zone 2 to Walthamstow in zone 3.

It is the only London Underground line that is entirely underground.

The Victoria Line was built in the 1960s to ease traffic and congestion on other lines especially the Piccadilly Line, in fact if you notice all the stations of the Victoria Line in London (except 2: Pimlico and Blackhorse Road) intersect with other railway or underground lines. As many as 6 lines pass from King’s Cross- St Pancras!

In fact, three stations of the Victoria Line intersect with the Piccadilly Line

During peak hours there are 37 trains in use at the same time

Initially the Victoria Line was only from Victoria to Walthamstow it was only extended to Brixton in 1971 while the inauguration of Pimlico station dates back to 1972

Pimlico is the only station which still has all the original signs

When it was built one of the suggested names was Viking Line. One suggested name was KingVic because the line linked King’s Cross to Victoria.

The Victoria Line has only 16 stations and is 21 km long and it takes 32 minutes to go from one end to the other

All Victoria Line stations platforms have tiled walls and they are all different

The Euston tiles represent an arch, this was called Euston Arch, demolished in 1961, a much criticized action. Euston Arch was part of the old Euston station

The deep tunnel between Finsbury Park and Seven Sisters is the longest in all of the tube

Victoria Station is the busiest in the entire London Underground after Waterloo while Oxford Circus is the busiest Underground station without a train station in the entire Underground network.

During the construction of the line they dug a pit full of skeletons dating back to the bubonic plague epidemic in the 1600s that was in Green Park, the experience was considered traumatic by those digging the tunnel. No ghosts reported yet on the Victoria Line.

The first line built in 60 years, the Victoria Line opened in 1968. Queen Elizabeth inaugurated the line, after buying a ticket she made an opening trip from Victoria to Green Park.

The Victoria Line in London is used by over 200 million passengers each year.

From 2015 this metro line will be open 24 hours a day.

The Victoria Line in London was the first line to have semi-automatic trains, meaning the drivers start the train and open the doors, while the speed and brakes are activated by signals located next to the rails.

This tube line meets the Piccadilly Line three times

The Victoria Line has only 16 tube stations but it is the only line that is completely underground.

The Victoria Line in London was initially suggested in 1943 but it took years for the government to authorize the expenditure, despite the enormous congestion in central London.

Stockwell station is certainly one of the ugliest of all the London underground

The video below reveals more secrets of the Victoria Line

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