Visit Poole Old Town in Dorset

Old Town in Poole, which is also known as the port city, is unquestionably one of the many compelling reasons to pay the Dorset city of Poole a visit. The city was already in existence during the middle ages, but it experienced significant growth as a result of trade with the New Continent, particularly Newfoundland.

In point of fact, the merchants purchased salted fish from Newfoundland and then resold it to other merchants in nations surrounding the Mediterranean, from whom they subsequently purchased olive oil, wine, salt, and other products of the region. At this point, they left England with salt to bring back to Newfoundland in order to continue preparing cod and also sold wine and olive oil to England.

The lavish Georgian-style structures that were constructed in the Old Town in the year 1700 took the place of the mediaeval homes that had been there since the commerce first began. The merchants of Poole lost their monopoly on commerce with Newfoundland as a result of the Napoleonic wars, which led to the gradual downfall of the city during the following decades.

At addition to going to the Old Town and relaxing in a cafe, you can also go to the Poole Museum, which was formerly known as the Waterfront Museum. This museum includes a number of interesting artefacts, one of which is a magnificent boat that was discovered in Poole Bay 2300 years ago. It was constructed out of a single tree and had enough for 18 people inside. Admission is free.




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