Ye Olde Miter; famous historic London pub

We know that there was a tavern here in 1546 that was erected for the employees of Queen Elizabeth I, and that pub’s name was Ye Olde Miter. This pub is both ancient and traditional. In point of fact, the existing structure was constructed in the year 1700. To begin, this tavern is a well-kept secret that is so well-concealed within the City of London that it is quite difficult to locate, even when one is actively searching for it.

It was formerly in Cambridgeshire because of a legal technicality; the property itself belonged to Cambridgeshire, and in order to access the bar, you were had to pass through customs.

The Ye Olde Miter was formerly known as the old cherry tree bar.
Even though this does not occur at this time, the City Police are unable to interfere and must instead contact the Cambridgeshire Police.

Photo: © Copyright Christine Matthews and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons License .

Inside the Ye Olde Miter you can still find the old cherry tree said to have been a greasy tree in the time of Elizabeth I, it is also said that the queen herself danced around it!

As well as to see the old cherry tree , many come (when they can find it) for the atmosphere and choice of old ales and beers. Like so many pubs in the City, this pub does not open on weekends.

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