Ora potete mangiare bubblewrap anche a Londra!

Per bubblewrap non si intende quella plastica con le bollicine usata per i pacchi, ma un tipo di dolce da strada popolare ad Hong Kong e dall’inizio di marzo in vendita anche a Londra.

Di cosa si tratta?

Praticamente è un waffle a base di uovo, che viene arrotolato per creare una specie di cono, riempito di gelato e coperto di panna o sciroppo. I bubble wrap di Londra hanno una vasta scelta di gusti di gelato, alcuni decisamente strani e una scelta di ben 14 sciroppi incluso uno a base di Nutella.

Non sono economici, infatti dovrete sborsare sulle 6 sterline per un bubblewrap ma sono grandi abbastanza per una bella passeggiata e sono anche molto fotogenici, come potete vedere dalla foto qui sotto.

Il nuovo negozio ora sta anche cercando personale, se siete alla ricerca di un lavoro.


Lo trovate al 24 di  Wardour Street, WID 6QJ a Soho

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We just want to say huge thanks to those who queued up today for our #bubblewrapwaffle and we feel extremely flattered and honoured that our products are welcomed by so many people. However there have been many cases that we were not able to satisfy every single customer and we do apologise for being imperfect. We limited the number of orders to one per person who was waiting in the queue due to the reason that we want to make sure we can serve as many as possible. Thankfully a lot of people were understanding and gave us many kind words. We do feel grateful and will try our best to offer delicious waffles to our customers! #Repost @the_foodiediaries ・・・ Two #BubbleWrapWaffles are most definitely better than one! Officially on board with London's latest obsession… And with my sis @Eshita2103 for company, these were SO worth the wait (not least for the #foodtography session that ensued 😜) #DoubleTrouble #WeekendWafflin' #TheHypeIsReal #TheFoodieDiariesLondon

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We've heard it's Pancake Day! Celebrate with Bubblewrap crispy pancake 😆 #Repost amazing post from @eatwithsteph_ldn (@reubenwee91) Had the privilege to meet both Tony and Sunny of Bubblewrap at the Berwick Street Market in London soho. Incredibly inspiring people who had turned, what had started off as an Imperial College project, into a proper business. With a few other players in the market, Bubblewrap is differentiating itself by focusing on making the lightest and crispiest bubble waffle. My absolute favourite was the Matcha waffle base with strawberry fruits drizzled with lots of chocolate and Nutella. Bubblewrap's new shop is opening on Wardour Street, London. Well done guys and check them out everyone 🙂 #bubblewrapwaffle #london #weekendvibes #food #foodie #instafood #instayum #infatuationlondon #thisislondon #gastronomy #topcitybites

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