Business English: Practical Guide – Speaking English at work


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Do you have an important client meeting in English….. next week?Do you need to perform well in English… in front of your boss?Has your company insisted that all communication with your colleagues is now in English?Is your new client insisting on speaking English during your conference calls/teleconferences?Do you have a new supplier and you must now communicate regularly in English?ARE YOU FINDING THIS STRESSFUL?DO YOU NEED TO FIND A SOLUTION?If ‘yes’, then please read the following course content, which has been designed to help you reduce the stress of working in English!Course Design: To help professionals to improve their business English, with practical solutions.This course has been created to help professionals working in English as a second language – ESL/EFL. Specifically, it has been designed to offer practical solutions to professionals who want to improve their performance and minimise the stress associated with working in business English. This course has been created for those who are finding it stressful when speaking or listening to clients, colleagues and suppliers when working in business English. This course is designed to help gain confidence and reduce the stress during English conference calls/meetings, or just generally when working in English.Key Objective for this course:The key objective of this course is to increase your confidence – and reduce your stress – when working in English. At the end of this course you will be using shorter sentences and simplified grammar. This way you will be able to communicate much easier in English by adopting these simple but effective techniques.This course is designed to provide quick, practical solutions in order to give you confidence when working in English.This course will give students practical tips, phrases and techniques on how to manage difficult situations in English professionally. This includes specific tips when speaking business English. It also has a section on how to improve understanding in business English and tips for listening in English.Please note: However, this is not a grammar based course to teach English. This is NOT an English teaching course, but a business English coaching course designed to help those already working in English. It is for all professionals working today in English as a foreign language who wish to improve their fluency and understanding, and therefore help them to perform better in English.Practical business English:The course offers practical tips, phrases and advice to make your working day less stressful, when working in English.These include practical solutions to improve your fluency when speaking English professionally and tips on understanding English.Course contents:Introduction – identifying the problems we all experience when working in a foreign languageLearn how business English is really a simple language and adapt your language accordinglyEnglish speaking tips and solutionsEnglish understanding tips and solutionsManage conference calls in English, (and English language meetings and English telephone calls)Simple essentials including: email addresses in English, Big numbers in English and many other essentials you need to know automatically when working in EnglishEmails in English – formal and informalCultural information when working internationallyConclusionMy experience:Over the past 10 years I have helped thousands of clients improve their business English skills and gain confidence, when working in English as a second language . Working in English can feel very stressful when you first start. (I know. I have had the same experience when working in French!). However, this is totally normal for all of us working in a second language. This course has been designed to offer you practical tips to help you manage your communication in English and explains how we all feel the same stress when working in a second language.


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