ESL Business English Course-Become A Business English Pro


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Do you need to improve your English for your career? Are you nervous or shy when you have to use English at work? This course is designed to help working professionals learn the Business English skills they need to be more successful. There are three modules in the course: Business Meetings, Presentations, and Business Emails. In the Business Meetings module you will learn a variety of skills including how to arrange a meeting, how to reschedule a meeting, how to interrupt in a meeting, how to end a meeting, and more. In the Presentations module you will learn how to open a presentation, how to get your audience’s attention at the beginning of the presentation, how to effectively use visuals, how to explain visuals in a professional way, how to make a strong conclusion at the end of the presentation, and how to handle questions from the audience. In the Business Emails module you will learn the basic structure of emails, how and when to use formal and informal language, how to write powerful subject lines that make people want to open you emails, and how to end an email professionally. The course will also teach you how to negotiate including accepting and rejecting offers. This is a complete Business English course that every business person should take.


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