IELTS band 7 Ultimate course


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IELTS Sensei presents you:Listening section a detailed description and explanation of the 4 different sections of the Listening section. Students can experience a live test with further deconstruction and analysis.Reading section an overview and study analysis on techniques, approaches to successfully complete Reading section. There are 3 different texts from past IELTS exams. Question analysis, synonym-based review and other methods how to complete this part in 60 minutes.Writing section a thorough examination of the writing task 2: opinion essay type. How to write a good introduction that includes your opinion/position and how to separate body paragraphs and conclusion. Essential skills in the writing section: paraphrasing, writing thesis and outline statements respectively.Speaking section a number of useful expressions and exam strategy during your answer. There is an example provided while communicating with the examiner. All of the 3 sections parts are included and explained with an exact timing and answer review.This course is suitable for IELTS General Training students who are aiming to achieve CLB 9 (8777) score and be selected for Skilled worker immigration program or provincial nominee programs that requires at least 6.0 score in every single section (6666).The principal requirement for the students is to be at least Intermediate level of English language proficciency


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