Business English: Easy English for Accounting and Finance


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The challenge to understand and apply the language and vocabulary of the business world is potentially more difficult for English Language Learners/Non-Native Speakers.Explaining information in a foreign language is challenging particularly if its accountancy and financial information. This online course is an opportunity to improve your Business English Communication Skills.In this course, you will learn Business English Accounting and Financial Speaking phrases and vocabulary alongside a structure which enables you to communicate effectively in a way that your audience will understand.Do you need to communicate accounting and financial information in the office and need the correct English phrases and English vocabulary?Do you need to convey numbers, money and trends accurately to your colleagues in the Accounting Office?Do you need to explain financial concepts using accounting and financing vocabulary and terminology? Do you need to improve your English?Do you want to improve your accountancy, financial and speaking skills?Do you need to develop your English speaking skills?Do you want to be a confident accountant who is well prepared?Do you want to deliver phrases which are powerful and help to make an impression?Do you want to speak English with confidence?Do you want to learn to speak English accurately?If the answer is yes to any of these questions then this course is perfect for you.This Business English Course helps you to master phrases and English vocabulary of Business English Accounting and Finance. It uses video presentations and activities to teach you over 100 words and phrases suitable for accounting and finance. And you will also:-Learn the phrases and vocabulary specific to accounting and finance.Listen and see how to pronounce the phrases and vocabulary.Learn trends, numbers, money, symbols and equations.Listen and see how to pronounce trends, numbers, money, symbols and equations.Learn how the phrases and vocabulary are applied.Learn where to apply the phrases and vocabulary.Learn some essential tips Business English and Accounting.Learn about the more complex terms of accounting and finance in a simplified manner.Do language activities to help develop your understanding and communication skills.Do multiple choice and listening activitiesSee how English phrases and vocabulary are used in the business world.Test yourself using the numerous accessible and engaging course activities.Together, this information will help you Improve your Business English: English for Accounting.Using and understanding the ‘English for Accounting’ is an important skill for access to education and the workplace. Don’t be left behind. Improve your Business English Communication skills – enrol now!This course is not just for Accountants. Anyone who is developing their Business English skills can benefit. Anyone in the world of Finance can benefit. This includes Undergraduate and MBA students, Business and Economic students, Business Analysts, Leaders, Managers and many more.The skills you learn in this course will improve the way you present in Business English forever.


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