Master English Swear Words Phrases With F#ck


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*** WARNING: Inside this course, the swear words are NOT censored. If you are easily offended or wish to avoid swear words, DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE. ***Our goal is NOT to turn you into an ugly monster who swears like crazy.Our goal IS to make you more fluent in English and better understand people when they use phrases with the word “f#ck”.This course is a safe place for you to learn swear words, phrases, and safe alternatives commonly used by native English speakers.In this course, students will:Learn, practice, and master phrases with “F#ck”.Learn, practice, and master similar and opposite expressions WITHOUT swearing.Learn various safe alternatives and see them used in real life conversations.See LOTS of conversations where the target phrases and expressions are used.Answer LOTS of conversation questions to demonstrate understanding and mastery.Many people say, “Its not polite to swear,” “You shouldnt swear,” or “Swearing is offensive.” Guess what? Theyre right! However, theres a BIG problem: Swear words are a HUGE part of EVERY language! Swear words are frowned upon, but they’re used everywhere: in movies, in videos, in songs, in conversations, on the internet, when we get emotional, etc, etc, etc. Because swear words are potentially offensive, does that mean we shouldnt understand them? NO!Because swear words are SO common and potentially offensive, its that much MORE important to understand them. It’s also important to learn useful alternatives so there’s no need to swear. We’re NOT saying its good to swear. We ARE saying its important to understand what swear words mean. This way, we can improve our English fluency and be more confident. What you’ll learn:Students will have a deep understanding of English phrases using the word “F#ck.”Students will be able to use similar and opposite phrases without having to use “F#ck.”Students will understand phrases with “F#ck” used in movies, on TV, on the internet, etc.Students will understand English slang and swear words not taught in schools.Students will be able to communicate more effectively in everyday English.ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR:Michael teaches American English. He was born and raised in the United States and speaks with an American accent. Michael is TESOL and TEFL certified. Since 2012, he has successfully taught customized English courses to students from around the world.Michael has graduate and undergraduate degrees in Spanish and Criminal Justice. Prior to living in SE Asia, he was a U.S. Federal Investigator. Before that, Michael was a police officer. Hes fluent in the following languages: English, Spanish, American Sign Language, and Indonesian.~~~Improve your English and become more Valuable.~~~


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