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18th Century Cats Limited Edition Mug: The Timeless Elegance You’ve Been Searching For!


Are you a true connoisseur of feline finesse? Prepare to be whisked away to a world of refined charm with our exclusive 18th Century Cats Limited Edition Mug. This exceptional creation combines the grace of a beautiful lady cat on one side and the sophistication of a typical gentlecat of the time on the other, making it the purr-fect gift for any cat lover.

Indulge your senses in the allure of a bygone era while sipping your favorite brew from this exquisite mug. Let the intricate details of the design transport you to a time when elegance reigned supreme. Imagine the delight of your morning routine, as you cradle this unique masterpiece, feeling the warmth radiate through the delicate handle.

But that’s not all! Our limited edition design ensures that you possess something truly one-of-a-kind. Share in the excitement of owning a mug that boasts exclusivity, knowing that you won’t find another quite like it. Impress your friends and fellow cat enthusiasts with this remarkable piece that is destined to spark conversations and envy.

We understand that durability is a key concern, which is why our classic design has undergone rigorous independent testing. Rest assured, this mug has proven its mettle, withstanding over 2000 washes in the dishwasher without losing its lustrous charm. The patented Duraglaze finish guarantees that the stunning visuals from any image will grace your eyes for years to come, offering a mesmerizing display of artistry and quality.

Please note, the coated surface may occasionally exhibit small imperfections such as dimples, bumps, or blemishes. We assure you that these natural phenomena only add character to your mug, further highlighting its uniqueness. Kindly understand that replacement for such effects is not possible.

This enchanting mug measures approximately 9.5cm in height with a diameter of 8cm, ensuring it fits comfortably within your grasp. And with a shipping weight of approximately 200 grams, it’s effortless to receive this treasure at your doorstep.

Elevate your tea or coffee ritual to new heights with the 18th Century Cats Limited Edition Mug. Embrace the nostalgia, bask in the elegance, and let your love for feline artistry shine through. Claim your piece of history today!

Product Details:

  • Limited edition design featuring a beautiful lady cat and a typical gentlecat of the 18th century
  • Tested to withstand over 2000 dishwasher washes
  • Patented Duraglaze finish for enduring visual appeal
  • Measures approximately 9.5cm in height and 8cm in diameter
  • Shipping weight: approximately 200 grams

Note: The product images are for illustrative purposes only. The mug’s coated surface may occasionally exhibit small imperfections, which are naturally occurring and add character to the item.

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